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You live in Krakow? What more could you want.

In the city of Krakow there is everything. Chinese restaurants, Italian pizzerias, American fast foods’ Turkish kebabs that by the way particularly captured Florianska Street… and all these in the one city. In Krakow you can actually taste every kitchen of the world, and considering  Krakow cosmopolitanism ther is no way not to mention, that even with no leaving the city you can go to…. Kiev. Exactly! The old Kiev Cinema, recently renamed on Center of Kiev is one of the most important focal points of art and culture in Krakow. Location of the cinema is probably the best that it could  be, because the building is located on Zygmunt Krasinski Avenue 34 and it is undoubtedly the ideal place considering the extent of public transport. There is also no problem with catching Krakow airport taxis, especially that just a few meters from the cinema there the road leading straight to Krakow Airport turns, so close the building there crosses a lot of bus and tram lines. This is undoubtedly a huge convenience for society hungering for  art. The proximity of Błonia, and the most historically important streets also encourage people to come to the place.

Krakow is not a city, it’s a lifestyle.

Krakow – it  is so wonderful place… No matter whether you’re in a steady relationship or you’re single, you will never feel lonely here in the city of Krakow. The main square always full of people, crowded Florianska Street and very climate but not in the last  deserted Kazimierz are trademarks of the city. Actually, for me Krakow is more than the city, it is so wonderful itself that it’s a shame to waste the time to share Krakow with someone else. I mean, a single way of life in Krakow is a real blessing. Hundreds of beautiful places the city offers you… they really deserve to be enjoyed to up the mines, and to give them all your attention. Most of these places you can get to by krakow airport taxi directly, but there are some of theme  you need to spend pretty few minutes of walk to get to – for example the top of Kościuszko’s Mound, where a breathtaking view is waiting for you. Considering more commercial places like theaters or the krakow concert hall, where you can get trouble-free by bus, there is a whole lot of them. Is not it more favourable to be an independent person and greedily, to fully benefit from all the beauty that Krakow offers? Without sharing it with anyone?