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Best things to see in New York

In the firs place – Central Park place

Well, for months You have been planing your journey to New York. Finally the day has come around, so Krakow airport taxi pick you up to the airport, you board the plane, sleep most of the trip, and at long last here comes… touching down! The question is – what now? Where to start sightseeing the New York? Unquestionably, after ten hours fly you need to rest, and the best place for doing so is undoubtedly Central Park. Just look at this expanse of green grass and beautiful places that you’ll definitely associate with many films. For example  the Bethesda Fountain (the most beautiful fountain in all the New York City), where were filmed scenes of the „Angels in America” movie or „Gossip Girl” serial – especially my favorite scene of the last episode, that Blair and Chuck got married! As you are in Central Park, you absolutely need to take a walk through the cult Strawberry Fields. As the name suggests it was dedicated to the Beatles. If you decide to visit New York in winter, you are lucky because Central Park is never more beautiful. Be sure to see the popular ice rink. If you do not choose to wear skates, then watching rotating pairs among the glittering snowflakes against the background of a beautiful park, will be an unforgettable experience. If you already laxed enough and gained the strength and energy in Central Park, you can go ahead and move to conquer the city!

Statue of Liberty… or rather Liberty Enlightening the World (sic!)

Your first thought for the „New York” slogan?! Statue of Liberty I guess… No wonder, actually it is one of the greatest symbols of New York, and in fact it is one of the most important flagship of  the United States. It is robably the most common patriotic symbol used in films and all the American productions. Who of us can not imagine the monumental Statue of Liberty on the background of the United States flag waving slowly in the wind. Undoubtedly the Statue of Liberty in combination with white stripes and stars creates unique combination, which brings to mind freedom, equality, justice – United States. Being in such a solemn atmosphere I just feel overcomed by cracy desire to get in a random krakow airport taxi, go to the airport, get on a plane and fly to America. Of course, while being there it would be a sin not to see in person this important monument. Interestingly, the construction of the Statue of Liberty allows visitors to gain entry the monument and climb to the top of the crown crowning the head of the monument. Actually the design allows you to walk to the top of the torch held by the woman-monument, but because of the very narrow passages and thus for safety reasons, the way is not available to the public. After all, you just have to see the object with your own eyes!

Richness and diversity of 5th Avenue

5th Avenue is undoubtedly a symbol of the rich, wealthy part of New York society. Not without reason in 2008 the street was recognized by Forbes Magadzyn as the most expensive street in the world. Years ago, this street used to function as a quiet and peaceful place of residence of the richest elite of New York. In contrast, today it is accomodation of the most expensive designers’ shops all over the world. There are shops of brands such as Fendi, Gucci, Bulgari, Tiffany, Versace and Louis Vuitton. Regarding traffic, undoubtedly this is one of the busiest streets in the world. Although the one-way traffic, there are costant traffic jam. However there are also some pros of such situation- it is very easy to catch a taxi, which is a huge convenience for busy, always hurrying  residents of Manhattan. And I must admit that there are whole lot yellow cabs and black limousines especially in comparison with krakow airport taxis shuttling throughout Krakow. For sure You must have heard about various parades organized on 5th Avenue annually, but have you knew that this street is, inter alia, the place of Polish Pulaski Parade? On the occasion of this type of holidays and round busy, hot Sundays, traffic on 5th Avenue is closed. However, the 5th Avenue is probably the most exclusive street in the world, in addition to sophisticated shops and even more sophisticated population of the district it has such wonderful (and obviously sophisticated) architecture… For example Rockefeller Centre, which is considered as a one of the finest urban solutions. You shoud just visit to Manhattan and  see it in person.

The largest cathedral in the world

Do you know where is the largest cathedral in the world? No where else but in New York City! Cathedral Chuch of St. John the Divine. Well, maybe it is not finished yet because to be hones  there is still almost third of the project uncompleted, but under the plan it is going to be the largest building of this kind all over the world and in 2050 (for this time they plan to complete it) you will be able to see for yourself this colossal church. If such a facility was built in Krakow, I suppose that tourists would prefer to go sightseeing such a cathedral instead of Krakow tours to Salt Mine. Sure it would dominate all other krakow’s monuments. However, for the time being  near-Krakow Wieliczka’s residents or Krakow-inhabitants have nothing to worry about if it is about the lack of interest from foreign tourists, because no competitive construction is not coming so far. The cathedral, although unfinished, is one of the biggest attractions of New York, and still attracts crowds.

„Bridge over troubled water”

It is almost 130 years old, stands at a height of 84 meters, stretches for almost two kilometers, is wide at 26 metres, 13 years of construction at which 27 people have lost their lives, and what have eat away at $ 15 million – Brooklyn Bridge. Cultic bridge, which is involved part of each and every  movie with New York City in the background. In the „Sex and the City” series or „Gossip Girl” series, the bridge was depicted as a connection between two opposite worlds – the Manhattan and the Brooklyn – contrasting with style and standard of living, which nowadays in no way is similar to the reality. In one of the episodes of „Sex in the City” once upon a time some taxi driver has refused to transport the main character over the Brooklyn Bridge claiming „I do not go to Brooklyn!” Can you imagine You get into the krakow airport taxi and the driver may refuse to transport you to the Kazimierz district?! The transition from Manhattan to the other side of the bridge – the Brooklyn one was almost compared to the flow by the Styx river (Greek Mitology)! Brooklyn Bridge also used to play the first background in such productions as “The Perfect Man”,” I Am Legend „,” Godzilla „. In the „Gossip Girl” series the bridge is an integral part of set design, which takes a lot of scenes on. It is actually the Brooklyn Bridge the main theme in the Linda Clifford’s video for the song „Bridge Over Troubled Water”. Brooklyn Bridge is undoubtedly one of the most important flagship of New York City or even the entire United States’.