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Krakow Walking Tour

As you know, I love traveling! And, in my opinion, Krakow walking tour is the perfect way to discover and explore the most interesting and crucial places of the city with our licensed guide. Everybody can take part in this organized tour. I was really exciting about sightseeing with licensed guide.

The best way to know the history of Krakow

Krakow is also called “a city of kings”. It’s due to the fact, that most important kings were wielding power in Krakow. The golden age – Medieval times – left plenty of beautiful and impressive monuments. Through our Krakow walking tour, we want to show you all of them. Each year more and more people from around the world come to discover this special place. A significant percent of them is from Germany.

There is no pressure, you decide how much you want to see. You should book the tour before, come to the meeting place and join it. The tours take place every day all year round, no matter if it’s sunshine or rain. The licensed guides, from Krakow company shares his knowledge and life experience with you.

During walking Krakow city tour, you will learn about the history, architecture and people of Krak’s city. You will listen to a lot of entertaining stories about the customs of people from the past which are not included in your guidebooks. Only those who walk the streets of Krakow can say that they really know the city and it’s no use to walk with a guidebook. By looking at people and eating local foods, you can discover the real face of this city.

Three districts of Krakow

Krakow walking tour consists of three different quarters of the city. First of all – Krakow Old Town. It’s unbelievable how many monuments are located in such a small area. St Mary Basilica, Cloth Hall, Town Tower, Barbican and, most of all, Wawel Castle. The last one is probably the most important monument and historical heritage of Polish history.

Next quarter you’ll see during the Krakow walking tour is Kazimierz. It is called Jewish Quarter as once it was a separate city full of Jews. Nowadays, there are still some people dressed up in traditional clothes and with characteristic whiskers. There are also beautiful old synagogues and cemeteries in Kazimierz. The district is famous for its atmospheric cafes and live Jewish music.

Krakow walking tour includes Nowa Huta district as well. It’s totally different from the rest of the city. It has been designed as utopian ideal city of social realism. It was designated for workers of the steel mill. Although the authorities have changed, the specific architecture remained. There is also a lot of greenery in Nowa Huta, including picturesque Wanda Mound.

Have a nice time

The walk itself is highly flexible and can easily be tailored to your personal interests – detours are a natural part of the tour! After completing the walk, the city will have come alive in all its glory.

Moreover, you will score a really nice walk where you can show your photography skills and enjoy time close to people and nature. Regardless of the season, Krakow enchants with its character.

Main Square Krakow

The next Prague

Kraków is easily Poland’s best destination: a beautiful, old-fashioned city with enjoyable sights, tourists, and active students, and some heavy history.

Even though the country’s capital moved from here to Warsaw, Kraków remains Poland’s cultural and intellectual center. Bustling university life, thought-provoking museums, breathtaking churches, great restaurants, sprawling parks, and vivid Jewish heritage sights round out the city’s appeal. Of all of the Eastern European cities laying claim to the boast „the next Prague,” Kraków is for real.

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