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Inspiring New York

New York is certainly one of the most inspiring cities in the world. The American city, whose residents are people of every possible origin is a true gem among all other cities in the world in terms of diversity. Everyone will find there his own place that will fall in love with. Well, yellow taxis are actually distinctive symbol of New York City and there are 100000  times more than krakow airport taxis in our city, but New York is not only the yellow cabs! The New York City is a veritable art center. For me it is actually the artistic part of NewYork City the most important one. For sure everybody known or at least conciliate the art galleries like the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Guggenheim Museum. The first, is probably the most important museum not only in New York, not only in the United States, not only in whole America but all over the world! In short – MET. The place owns facilities of over two million exhibits commemorating not only American history but memorabilia of art and culture worshiping the memory of communities all over the world. This is just a little part of what awaits you in NewYork.

New York is a paradise for artistic souls

If Krakow museums are not enough for You, and you know by heart all the exhibitions of Museum of Modern Art in Krakow, maby it is high time to take a krakow airport taxi, get on a plane and fly to New York. One thing is certain, you will not get bored of this city quickly. I even dare to say that this city is never boring. Tens, hundreds, thousands of sites devoted to art such like great museums, which can boast of their collections of works of van Gogh, Renoir, Monet or El Greco -as in the case of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and some newer works mostly of younger artists of the twentieth century, contemporary art at the Guggenheim Museum. The structure of the museum building is a great work of art designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Unchallenging the magnificence of our Polish museums and art galleries but when considering the New York City’s statuary, they stack up a little poorly. For aspiring contemporary artists it is not Poland the destination where everyone would like to land but the New York Museum of Modern Art  – MoMA called. This museum is the undisputed leader when it comes to prestige of art collection. This is where modern artists’ dreams come true.

New York as an oasis of peace

New York is not only a city of huge skyscrapers. New York is not just a city of high, breathtaking architecture. New York is not only a city of yellow cabs rushing through busy streets of the city like krakow airport taxis drifting by the streets of Krakow. New York is also 341 hectares lush green lawns of Central Park. Central Park is the largest in whole the New York, and by some people considered as the largest all over the world urban park. The biggest, most popular, most crowded and probably the most beautiful place of recreation for residents of New York, and not only for the city’s residents because being in New York as a tourist it would be a sin not to go around for a moment at the very least to the cultist Central Park. Plane areas of the park, overgrown with very very green grass always perfectly cut, they just crying out you to stop for a moment and sit on them. The land is perfectly developed. There is no shortage of trees (about 4 million!) that provide shade on hot days for the denizens. Central Park exists in New York since 1953, and not without reason it has already lived a titer of 'cult’. Well-known scenes of great movies that took place there warmed image of the ordinary-extraordinary urban park forever. A trip to New York without a visit to Central Park is just a wasted trip.